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Growing companies need solid financial management with a dependable accounting function in order to face the business environment challenges.

If your current accounting office is overworked or under-skilled, or you are looking to reallocate resources, or your business is too small to justify a fulltime paid employee, you can turn to outsourcing.

No matter what your size is, we can tailor our services for every stage of your company’s life cycle.

We customize our services to meet your needs and there is no pre-packed solution for all situations. You can choose whether to outsource some or all of your accounting office functions or to add expertise to your existing team as best suit your needs and interests.

Outsourcing your accounting duties to us will make your job easier:

  • you will receive your financial information in a timely and accurate manner helping you make better business decisions;
  • you will receive help with tax planning throughout the entire fiscal year;
  • we have the depth of knowledge, experience and the resources to handle all of your financial needs;
  • you can use your time for what you know best – run your business;
  • your staff can be reallocated to other projects;
  • the risk of internal fraud or embezzlement may be reduced with an outside firm handling your finances;
  • we can provide other accounting services as need it: preparation of budgets and forecasts to offer an estimate of future costs and/or revenues and provide an anticipated financial position; income tax planning assistance; accounts payable and accounts receivable services; filing and paying payroll taxes; software solutions for your accounting; and more.

The financial statements, either monthly or annual – the balance sheet, profit and loss statement, the changes in equity and cash flows statements, will reflect the real financial position of your company. At the same time, you will derive and master their importance.