Business consulting
Business plans – Fesiabilities studies of the investment projects
Mergers and acquisitions – assistance in carrying out these transactions
Tax advice
Business diagnosis analysis
Project Management
Wealth management and financial advisory
Business plans / feasibility studies for investment projects


An entrepreneur in the process of setting up a new business or a manager seeking to develop a business ought to answer to many questions such as:

  • What business entity structure is best for us?
  • Purchasing a business or developing the existing one?
  • Merge with a partner (supplier / customer) or another business?
  • Staff hiring or renting? What are personnel costs?
  • Management payment options? What are the performance standards: rate of return on capital, labor productivity, unit labor cost and so on?
  • What are the options for financing your business?
  • What would be the bank that would best suit my purposes?
  • Providing raw materials?
  • We have enough information about the market?
  • Strategic planning / preparing budgets?
  • Cash-flow management? Financial business planning?
  • Taxes incident to business?

For certain, long-term growth and profitability depend on a company’s strategic business planning.

Business planning mainly target is economic regulation of the business processes such as: strategies for optimizing human and technological resources in order to obtain high efficiency, tax optimization and tax planning, optimizing cash flow and capital structure, risk reduction and benchmarking, and more.

We conduct our business consulting activity aiming to acquire a thoroughly understanding of the business particularities and to assure an accurate problem diagnosis, unbiased and without assumptions, only after an elaborate business analysis and a minute identification of factors which negatively affect business profitability.