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Property valuation


You need an impartially opinion of an assessor for achieving objectives such as:

  • evaluation of movable property (equipment, vehicles, etc.) subject to negotiations or transactions;
  • evaluation of movable property that are part of litigation between business partners;
  • impairment tests and evaluation at fair value for companies that apply IFRS;
  • recovery of damages caused as a result of fraud on the company’s assets;
  • evaluation of movable property damage;
  • evaluation of movable property within the works arising from mergers, spin-offs and other combinations of companies;
  • evaluation of movable property for companies subject to insolvency proceedings. 

We are able to assess movable property in various fields based on experience and knowledge of our ANEVAR authorized experts, using the most suitable approaches and methods to meet the objectives of the work performed.

The assessment reports carried out by our specialists are in accordance with the principles formulated by the International Valuation Standards as well as other relevant standards such as the International Accounting Standards (IAS).