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Business valuation


Business valuation, valuation for buying or selling a business, for establishment / dissolution of partnerships, for mergers and acquisitions, shares and assets valuation.

Business valuation is more than simply recognizing the intrinsic value of an asset, it is a complex financial process that demands an accurate understanding of business strategy, business operating environment and the reason behind this critical appraisal.

An independent valuation expert brings the benefits of professional training, experience and third-party objectivity to the process which may be useful to managers and shareholders in making decisions about buying or selling a business, establishment or dissolution of partnerships, or to estimate future economic development of a partnership, expanding or cessation of an economic activity and more.

The valuation report provides not only a quantitative value, but also includes accounting and financial analysis as well as financial statement forecasting.

We can provide a wide range of assessment services under firm and personal commitment to objectivity and confidentiality, according to your requests, using the most advantageous approach, methods, standards and assessment strategies, in accordance with market representative data in order to achieve a fair and accurate assessment report.